Own Your Look:

makeup pallet

When you walk into your favorite makeup store and begin to soak in all the colours and beauty you are surrounded with what inspires you? Is it that beautiful red lipstick or that pretty pink lip gloss? Maybe it is that shimmering powder. Do you want to make a bold statement or a subtle expression?

Think of your face as a canvas and you are an inspiring artist. Makeup should be an expression of you. Make it your own. Trends are great and we all want to be trendy in our own way, the secret is your uniqueness is your trend.

Don’t be afraid to put your best face forward. Embrace your style and own it. Find your beauty and enhance and refine it. Whether it is your lips, cheeks or eyes make them your signature.

The important thing to take hold of is you are beautiful; you have the capacity to achieve what you set your mind to. Master the brushes, learn highlighting and contour, and don’t be afraid of colourful pallets.

If you’re inspired to wear black lipstick then rock those lips! If you want to look more natural then own your beauty!

I hope you have a wonderful day! Find your inspiration and aspire to great things!


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