Take a look in the Mirror


Hello Beauties! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week thus far. Today I want to talk to you about discovering your best feature. First I want you to grab a mirror and take a few moments to look at your features. What feature stands out the most to you? Do you have big beautiful eyes, perfect lips, gorgeous high cheekbones, flawless skin? What about your nose? Sometimes we may be surprised when we take a moment and be honest with ourselves. I used to think my best feature was my lips, but I have since discovered my eyes are my best feature. I am continually learning how to enhance my eyes so they are the first thing people notice.

When you discover your best feature you want to highlight that feature so that it stands out and draws attention. This can be accomplished by highlighting and contouring for the lips, nose and cheekbones.

For the eyes; you want to choose colors that enhance the color and make them stand out. You will also want to highlight under the eyes and the top upper corner close to the brow.

Sometimes we get into a routine and we are fearful of changing how we do things. I say it is time to change your outlook and try something new. You might be surprised by the way you feel. The key to beauty is confidence. Grow the confidence you have within yourself. Be confident in the look you are wanting to achieve, when you have confidence your Beauty will shine.

I will be posting highlight and contour tips very soon, so be sure to check back often. I enjoy hearing from you, so if you have a question feel free to leave a comment or email. If there is a tip you would like more information on I will do my best to expand on the topic.

Have a wonderful week. Step out in confidence and walk with your head high because honey you are Beautiful!





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