Wings so sharp they could Cut! *Makeup Review*

Today I decided to try Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Angle Pure Pigment Gel Liner in Sapphire.

First I like how it has the screw on lid! I am constantly loosing lids to my eyeliners, especially in my purse! There is nothing worse than eyeliner or lip liner marks in your purse. Next I like that it has a soft rubber tip, this allows for a precision winged/cat eye! It has a twist knob at the bottom to allow more gel, *do not over twist. You want the gel just at the tip not extending past the tip.

Color….I love the color. It is an amazing blue. Quite beautiful actually. It would pair beautifully with neutral shades of eyeshadow or it would rock with bolder shades.

Application…at first it was a bit clumpy, but I think it was due to it being the first time used, or it may have been me since it was my first time using this type of liner. Once I became used to the flow of the tip I was winging my eyes sharp enough to cut lol.

All in all I say YAY to the gel liner with its wonderful soft rubber tip applicator. I will definitely be adding more to my makeup vault!

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Have a wonderful weekend! Check back often for more tips and reviews.


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