Beauty and Music

The post I am making this evening is a bit different and not about makeup or beauty tips per say, I would like to explore the beauty of music. Today I was able to attend a wonderful concert at The Burlington Performing Arts Centre. It was truly a delightful concert, the orchestra was superb. The selection of music was exceptional. The concert was titled Last Night of the PROMS and it was a brilliant array of promenade music.

It is said music is good for the soul, I must agree. Music is very relaxing and for the time you are captivated in the magical sounds you completely lose yourself in the melodic notes tempting your ears.

I found myself smiling and for that moment in time there were no other thoughts other than the splendour of the masterpiece I was listening too.  Maestro Claudio Vena is a wonderfully captivating Music Director and Conductor. He is quiet delightful and he has a gift for drawing the audience into the symphonic notes of the instruments.

The talent of the members of the orchestra was astounding. I have such a respect for the art of music and each of the members deserves a standing ovation. I find myself in awe of the beauty one can accomplish with an instrument. For the exquisiteness of the composition presented today I say Bravo.

So how does music help with beauty? Is music calming to you, do you find yourself relaxing and enjoying the piece of music you are listening too? When you relax so do your muscles, when your muscles relax tension is released.

Why is it important to relax your muscles and allow tension to slip away? The effects of stress and tension can cause:

  • Fluid to build under your eyes
  • It can cause acne breakouts
  • It can cause dry skin because when you are tense and stressed you are less likely to drink water
  • Furrowing of the brow which in turn can cause wrinkles

These are just a few things stress and muscle tension can cause. Can you see how music can help with the overall well being of your beauty?

Do you smile when you listen to certain types of music? Why smiling is important:

  • It boosts your mood
  • It works the muscles in your face
  • It relieves stress *stress causes wrinkles*
  • It is easier to smile than to frown
  • It can help you land a job or get promoted…smiling makes you seem more sociable and confident
  • Smiling makes you look more attractive

I hope you will find some inspiration in this post and find some time to relax and enjoy music. Music can be beneficial for your beauty and I hope I was able to show that in my writing. If you are in the Burlington Area I hope you will check out The Burlington Performing Arts Centre and take in a concert or two.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and have a wonderful week.


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