Lash Out *Review of Smashbox X-Rated Mascara

Hello beauties. I am always excited to share a review of a product I have found beneficial in my beauty routine. Let me start by saying I have very short eyelashes and because of that I wear false lashes most of the time. I have tried many mascaras to try and enhance my lashes. I have been using Loreal Telescopic mascara and it works pretty well. Last month I recieved Smashbox X-Rated mascara in my ipsy glam bag. I wasn’t over the moon about it and was reluctant about using it. I am a big fan of Smashbox products so I decided to give it a whirl.

First impression:

I am used to a brush with its tight short bristles so I was sceptical about the wider, longer bristles. Surprisingly this brush adds length and fullness.

I have sensitive eyes so many mascaras irritate them. No irritation upon application.

Some mascaras clump when you add multiple applications. I found no clumping with X-Rated mascara.

Some mascaras do not work well with false lashes. X-Rated mascara added fullness to the base of the lashes which helps make them look more natural.

Photo from Smashbox

What does Smashbox have to say:

  • Go from dramatic and defined to over-the-top, obscene volume—layer by layer.
  • Our breakthrough triple threat brush isolates, magnifies and mega-coats each lash with an interlocking fiber-loaded formula that never flakes or smudges.
  • Hyper thick, voluptuous lashes that photograph flawlessly in any close-up.
  • Our Triple Threat brush features three deep channels for mega-coating lashes and three rows of bristles that isolate, amplify and extend each lash. Tripod fibers twist and wrap around each lash, creating insane volume.

*I have to agree with their statements. I am very pleased with X-Rated Mascara.

*without false lashes*

*with false lashes*

Check out Smashbox website and discover their sensational line of products. For my Canadian viewers you can also find Smashbox products at Sephora and Shoppers. To try Ipsy and receive your pesonilezed GlamBag click the blue link.

I hope this post was helpful if so give it a like. Let’s keep in touch on Instagram.

Beauties have a wonderful week. Until next time:



2 thoughts on “Lash Out *Review of Smashbox X-Rated Mascara

  1. I also received this in my Ipsy bag and this is the first mascara that did not irate my eyes either and I’ve tried tons. As far as its performance, it does the job. No climpinge but nothing extraordinary. I will continue to use and buy because it doesn’t irritate.

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