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Shiseido Sports BB 

I haven’t had much luck with BB foundations that I have tried. Normally they do not give a nice coverage. I have found that with my skin they provide a light coverage which is ok for lighter makeup. I had just about given up on finding a BB that would give a medium coverage until now.

I was so excited to receive the Shiseido WetForceBB VoxBox from InfluensterCa complimentary for testing purposes. Shiseido has amazing products so I couldn’t wait to test their Sports BB.

First impression:

I was very pleased with the feel of the BB, it is light weight but gives a nice medium coverage. It is water resistant and SPF 50+ which makes it perfect for Summer wear.


My first time to wear the Shiseido Sports BB I used a silicon sponge for application. It went on smoothly and effortlessly. I love the coverage it gave. The next time I used an Oval brush and again it went on smooth and effortlessly. My skin looked flawless!

Stay power:

The Shiseido SportsBB has stay power. I wore it on a hot humid day and my makeup didn’t budge! It also provided protection from those beaming hot sun rays.

Look created with Shiseido SportsBB.

If you are wanting a light weight medium coverage BB you should think about trying Shiseido SportsBB!

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Review of Isociety Cosmetics 

Have you heard of Isociety Cosmetics? They are Celebrating their first year in the industry. I am so glad I found this product line! I first ordered 5 products which included a blush, Hi Def pigment and 2 glosses. It was love at first use!

In this look I used:

Blush in Blood Orange

Eye Shimmer in Oh Baby on my lids and to ombré my lips.

The pigment in their products are phenomenal! With outstanding pigment you only need to use a little product.

Their Products are:
• Paraben Free

• Made in Canada*

• Hypo-Allergenic

• Allergy Tested

• Non-Comedogenic

• Fragrance Free

The packaging is beautiful! It is sleek and very well designed.


Swatches of the first products I ordered 😍


Lipgloss in Metalico ✨✨

Lipgloss in Copper Pipe

Using Oh Baby Eye Shimmer to ombré the lips 👄

I can not say enough how much I love this brand! Check out their product line at Isociety Cosmetics  They were kind and gave me a code bellamjlook to share with you to save 15% until March 2017.

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Get your Glow on *Review of Dirty Little Secret Baked Highlighter


I was anxiously awaiting my  Ipsy June Glam Bag! I was so excited about the products this month. Today I would like to review Dirty Little Secret Baked Highlighter is Bellissima. This is one of the products I received and I have to say it is outstanding!!!

I absolutely love the iridescent glow it gives!

This highlighter is cool-toned and is a beautiful rose gold color and it is long lasting. It is outstanding to use to add a glow to your upper cheeks and even your eyes!

Today I used it on my upper cheeks and right under my brow for a soft glow which is sure to be noticed.

Application is quite easy and this product applies like a dream. I used a fan brush to apply just under the brow and a powder brush for the cheeks.

Beauties this is a must have in your makeup vault! It is reasonably priced at $9.00 and comes in three colors.

  • Bellissima
  • Rosa
  • Sunkist

For more of Dirty Little Secret click and check out their line!

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Confidently Beautiful 

Today I would like to talk about confidence. Some people are born with confidence and some people have to learn how to be confident. To me there is nothing more beautiful than to see someone that holds their head high and walks in the knowledge they are worthy. I am not talking about arrogance, I am talking about the self awareness of the beauty and importance one poses.
When I say beauty, beauty is not just about an outward appearance. Beauty is the whole package. It consists of how we present ourselves.

Life has many facets and as we live we grow in our knowledge of perception. Confidence is a perception of ones outlook of themselves. So how do we strengthen our perception of ourselves?

First…we should realize there is no such thing as ideal beauty. Beauty comes in many forms! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have known some outwardly beautiful people, but their beauty was an illusion.

Second…beauty can not be defined. Sure society has its opinions on what is beautiful, everyone has an opinion. A key is not to let an opinion have an effect on your persona.

Confidence is unique. Some of the hottest trends have taken confidence to step out and show the world a new way of doing things. Of course there is going to be those who have negative things to say. Just remember don’t let negativity take root and allow self doubt.

Third..this may seem silly, but to build confidence one must love them self. How does one love them self? It begins when you realize how special you are. You have a purpose and a plan. You may not know it yet, but you are capable of great things.

Each day look into the mirror and tell yourself “I am beautiful/handsome” “I have been uniquely made and have a purpose and a plan”. Learn to encourage yourself.

Much love to each of you and I hope that this post has been words of encouragement. I hope you have a wonderful week and see yourselves as beautiful and worthy. Let’s keep in touch follow me on Instagram for looks of the day. Feel free to re post if you have found this post helpful.


Blushing Time *Review of Elizabeth Mott Show Me Your Cheeks blush*


Hello you radiant beauties. Today I would like to talk to you about Elizabeth Mott cosmetics Blush.

I received the blush in my ipsy bag a month or so ago and it has quickly become my go to blush. It is so versatile. I can use it for a more natural look or a bolder look.  It blends beautifully, well pigmented and lasts all day.

Application is easy. It goes on smooth and evenly. The color I have is Peach Pink and it is a lovely shade. It is well complemented with contouring and gives your cheeks a beautiful glow.

The company states:

  • It is long lasting. I agree, I have never had to touch it up.
  • The color is bold, but not over-powering, again I agree. You can apply it for a subtle natural look or play it up more for a bolder look.
  • Defines your cheekbone. Yes it does and especially when you couple it with contouring.


At $23 it is a good value due to the fact it is long lasting and does not need to be touched-up.

All in all I say this is a beauty YAY.

I hope you enjoyed this post. For more information about Elizabeth Mott Cosmetics view their website at Elizabeth Mott Cosmetics

The Power of Nude *Review of BelláPierre Cosmetics Nude Gel Lip Liner Pencil*

I received BellaPierre Cosmetics Nude Gel Lip Liner Pencil in my May Ipsy Glam Bag and I am not one that does nude looks very often so I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a beauty Yay for me.

Let me start of by saying I was pleased it was a full size lip liner. The retail value of the full size is $18.00, so it was a beauty savings to receive this product in my glam bag.

My May Glam Bag from Ipsy

I was pleased with the color it is a subtle yet noticeable color. Some nudes are so light they are barely detectable.  Since it is a gel liner it glides on smoothly which is always nice. It can be sharpened with any sharpener. It is long lasting and is versatile; you can use this color with different shades for your own unique look.

The company states it is *Formulated with pure minerals, natural waxes, and antioxidants, these are hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types.  I like the fact it’s made with more natural ingredients, this is always beneficial for your skin.

About the website…There are some sites out there that how shall I say, a bit less desirable when it comes to navigation. BellaPierre has a user friendly site with easy navigation. It also offers international sites which is always nice for those of us who are not located in the States.

All in all I am very pleased I received this product in the May GlamBag. If you haven’t tried Ipsy click the link and discover beauty finds waiting for you. Ipsy

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Lash not the Question


Do you have beautiful, long, lushes lashes? If you do I am so JEALOUS!!!  I have short eyelashes so I have to cake on mascara to try to add length. I wish I had longer lashes but that is not the case. I decided to give Falsies a try. My first application was disastrous. They were crooked and off centered. I liked the length they gave but they looked a hot mess. I watched some videos and well they were a bit helpful. I decided to take the advice of a few of them and throw in my own tricks. I have to be honest I am hooked! Falsies are now part of my beauty routine.

The need to know about Falsies:

  • You may need to cut to size-cut one 1 lash at a time and alternate sides. Remember you can always take away but you cannot add.
  • Compact mirror – this is a must. Hold the mirror down and look down at the mirror this will help you place the lashes in the proper position.
  • Tweezers help with the application.
  • Glue-apply a thin line on the lash.
  • Apply along the lash line. Get those lashes as close as possible to your natural lash line so they look more natural.
  • I have found if you place your thumb at the corner of your nose you can line the lash up much easier.
  • I have found it useful to use the tip of your eyeshadow brush to push the lashes down for adhesion.


In this picture the top two eye photos are with no lashes and the others are with Ardell Lashes #403

Currently I am using Ardell Lashes. They offer a wide variety of styles at an affordable price. They keep their shape and are light weight. They have a natural hair lash which is No. 160 and is a beautiful lash. I have used No. 150, No. 160 and No. 403. 403 are a bit heavier but if you don’t mind the weight it is a beautiful lash with accented edges.


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Beauty Find



I was out and about shopping yesterday and came across L.A. Colors makeup at a discount store. I do enjoy finding a bargain, but normally I would have shied away from purchasing worried that it would not have pigmentation or lasting power.

The colors are vibrant and so I said what the heck. Still skeptical I did a swatch of the colour and to my amazement it is beautiful and the blue and pink are bright and stand out. The green is more subtle than and not as bold as the other two. Needless to say I am pleased with this purchase and I think I will be adding more L.A. Color products to my makeup vault.

FullSizeRender(10) This picture

Today I decided to use the eyeshadow to see how well they stand out on the eyes. I am shocked! The colors are very nice and you do not have to layer the eyeshadow for it to pop. I used the blue on the bottom lid, the pink in the crease and the green in the corners. What do you think about the look? I must say I am impressed with this eyeshadow. L.A. Color eyeshadow in Lotus has been a nice find to add to my eyeshadow collection.


Just in life you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Today I learned that applies to makeup as well. Just because something is less expensive doesn’t mean it is inferior. Well done L.A. Color!

I hope this post has been useful and will inspire you to enjoy color. Have a wonderful day.

Time to Prime


Why a primer should be used: A primer is a preparatory base to give foundation a smoother finish.

First let’s talk about your skin. Would you like your skin to be softer and younger looking would you like your skin to look a bit more flawless? Would you like your liquid foundation to go on more smoothly? If you answered yes to any of these questions than it is time to try a primer.

In the past I didn’t realize the perks to using a primer. Now that I have tried it I am hooked. I love the way it helps with the application of my foundation. I am impressed with the fact it seals the pores. I am pleased that it helps reduce the look of lines and wrinkles.

Facts about Primer:

  • It will help lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles…..count me in!
  • It seals your pores…..if you have small pores count your blessings, if you have larger pores Primer is a must have.
  • It softens your skin…..soft skin is in!
  • It will help give liquid foundation a smoother finish….cakey look is out!
  • It helps your makeup last longer…..I could use a little stay power!
  • It matches any skin type or tone….phew I don’t have to play the guessing game!
  • It reduces redness and doesn’t cause skin irritation….say farewell to itchy reactions!
  • It is easy to apply….not a time consuming process!

There are tons of primers on the market to choose from.  Currently I am using Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I like how it gives my skin a more flawless look. It is light weight and goes on smoothly. It is worth the few seconds it takes to add Primer to your beauty routine.

Look for a primer in your favorite makeup line or try Smashbox.

  • I hope this post was helpful. I hope you have a wonderful evening. Be adventurous and try something new.