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Lashes by Lash Flawless



Hello lovelies. Today I want to talk about false lashes. Have you worn them? Have you gotten discouraged and given up on trying to apply them?

Today I am showcasing my favourite lash brand Lash Flawless use code Bellamj to save 10% on your order.

Why I like these lashes:

  • They are cruelty free
  • They are mink lashes
  • They are Gorgeous
  • They are easy to apply
  • They last longer than synthetic lashes
  • They are light weight and can be worn all day
  • They have a thin Cotten band

What is the difference between mink and synthetic. Synthetic lashes tend to be heavy and have a thicker band. They can feel uncomfortable on your eyes and the band can cause irritation. Mink lashes are light weight and are have a thin band.

How to apply:



  • First trim lashes to fit your eyes (small sections at a time)
  • Apply a thin layer of glue
  • Allow the glue to get tacky
  • Apply in the middle of lash line then secure outer corner then inner corner

I love lashes and I wear them almost everyday. I have worn both synthetic and mink lashes. Hands down Lash Flawless are my favorite mink lashes.

Look with Lash Flawless lashes in Diva


Lash Flawless lashes in Diva

Lash Flawless lashes in Sexy

*Disclaimer I won these lashes in a promotion and now I promote for Lash Flawless because I love their lashes. If I did not like their lashes I would not showcase them on my social media.

You can find me and Lash Flawless on Instagram.

Have a fabulous weekend loves 💋

Bellamj74 🌸💖🌸

Lash not the Question


Do you have beautiful, long, lushes lashes? If you do I am so JEALOUS!!!  I have short eyelashes so I have to cake on mascara to try to add length. I wish I had longer lashes but that is not the case. I decided to give Falsies a try. My first application was disastrous. They were crooked and off centered. I liked the length they gave but they looked a hot mess. I watched some videos and well they were a bit helpful. I decided to take the advice of a few of them and throw in my own tricks. I have to be honest I am hooked! Falsies are now part of my beauty routine.

The need to know about Falsies:

  • You may need to cut to size-cut one 1 lash at a time and alternate sides. Remember you can always take away but you cannot add.
  • Compact mirror – this is a must. Hold the mirror down and look down at the mirror this will help you place the lashes in the proper position.
  • Tweezers help with the application.
  • Glue-apply a thin line on the lash.
  • Apply along the lash line. Get those lashes as close as possible to your natural lash line so they look more natural.
  • I have found if you place your thumb at the corner of your nose you can line the lash up much easier.
  • I have found it useful to use the tip of your eyeshadow brush to push the lashes down for adhesion.


In this picture the top two eye photos are with no lashes and the others are with Ardell Lashes #403

Currently I am using Ardell Lashes. They offer a wide variety of styles at an affordable price. They keep their shape and are light weight. They have a natural hair lash which is No. 160 and is a beautiful lash. I have used No. 150, No. 160 and No. 403. 403 are a bit heavier but if you don’t mind the weight it is a beautiful lash with accented edges.


I hope this has been some help. Feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Just click the link. Have a wonderful Friday!