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Shiseido Sports BB 

I haven’t had much luck with BB foundations that I have tried. Normally they do not give a nice coverage. I have found that with my skin they provide a light coverage which is ok for lighter makeup. I had just about given up on finding a BB that would give a medium coverage until now.

I was so excited to receive the Shiseido WetForceBB VoxBox from InfluensterCa complimentary for testing purposes. Shiseido has amazing products so I couldn’t wait to test their Sports BB.

First impression:

I was very pleased with the feel of the BB, it is light weight but gives a nice medium coverage. It is water resistant and SPF 50+ which makes it perfect for Summer wear.


My first time to wear the Shiseido Sports BB I used a silicon sponge for application. It went on smoothly and effortlessly. I love the coverage it gave. The next time I used an Oval brush and again it went on smooth and effortlessly. My skin looked flawless!

Stay power:

The Shiseido SportsBB has stay power. I wore it on a hot humid day and my makeup didn’t budge! It also provided protection from those beaming hot sun rays.

Look created with Shiseido SportsBB.

If you are wanting a light weight medium coverage BB you should think about trying Shiseido SportsBB!

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Lashes by Lash Flawless



Hello lovelies. Today I want to talk about false lashes. Have you worn them? Have you gotten discouraged and given up on trying to apply them?

Today I am showcasing my favourite lash brand Lash Flawless use code Bellamj to save 10% on your order.

Why I like these lashes:

  • They are cruelty free
  • They are mink lashes
  • They are Gorgeous
  • They are easy to apply
  • They last longer than synthetic lashes
  • They are light weight and can be worn all day
  • They have a thin Cotten band

What is the difference between mink and synthetic. Synthetic lashes tend to be heavy and have a thicker band. They can feel uncomfortable on your eyes and the band can cause irritation. Mink lashes are light weight and are have a thin band.

How to apply:



  • First trim lashes to fit your eyes (small sections at a time)
  • Apply a thin layer of glue
  • Allow the glue to get tacky
  • Apply in the middle of lash line then secure outer corner then inner corner

I love lashes and I wear them almost everyday. I have worn both synthetic and mink lashes. Hands down Lash Flawless are my favorite mink lashes.

Look with Lash Flawless lashes in Diva


Lash Flawless lashes in Diva

Lash Flawless lashes in Sexy

*Disclaimer I won these lashes in a promotion and now I promote for Lash Flawless because I love their lashes. If I did not like their lashes I would not showcase them on my social media.

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Winged Eyeliner…Tape It

Look at that wing! How do I get wings so sharp they could cut? Watch the video 😉



Hello loves. Do you struggle with winged liner? I did….most of the time my wings were lopsided or just disastrous!

I watched multiple videos and I tried using pencil liner, felt tip liner and liquid liner with no avail.

I stumbled across a tip awhile back that using tape helps with making a beautiful wing.  Tape has become my new friend. It definitely helps provide te perfect boundary and guide for your winged liner. So I decided to make a video to share with you on how I use tapefor my winged eyeliner.

As you can see it is quite simple. The Brush I am using to apply the eyeliner is by SimpleGlamGirls these oval brushes have made a world of difference in my makeup application. Use my code bellamj74 to receive 20% off your purchase.

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*Disclaimer: I received these brushes to give my honest opinion. By using my discount code I will earn a commission. If I had not liked the brushes I would not have reviewed them nor displayed them on my account.

The Art of Beauty

Hello Beauties. I hope you are enjoying the weekend. Today I am going to bare all with you and show before and after makeup photos. I hope you will find some inspiration in this post and maybe a new trick on how to enhance your beauty 🙂

Let me start by telling you a bit about myself. I am 42 a mother of 5 and a grandmother of 5. I have always been intrigued with makeup and how the application can transform and enhance beauty. My journey is a continual learning process and I love to experiment and think outside the box.

I enjoy sharing beauty experiences with people and when I stumble across a new product (one that I haven’t tried) I love to tell people about it. I focus strongly on skincare. Healthy skin is the key to beautiful makeup application. Keep your skin moisturized!!! Moisturized skin is supple and allows you to apply foundation smoothly.

Before applying your foundation I have found that using a primer helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps your foundation stay in place.


I have used every way imaginable to apply foundation. Here are the three ways I apply foundation:

  • Fingertip-Yes I use my fingertips…the important thing to remember with this application is to make sure you have washed your hands before application. You do not want to transfer bacteria from your fingers to your facial skin.
  • Brush-I sometimes use a brush to apply foundation. This is not my favorite way of applying foundation but it is effective. To ensure even and smooth application watch how you are applying. I have found that applying in small circular motion helps keep the foundation smooth and even.
  • Sponge-This is my favorite way to apply foundation. In the past I would fill the sponge with foundation and apply by rubbing all over my face…yeah it was affect but there is such a better way. Now I apply a small amount of foundation on the sponge and start at the T zone and dab. The dab application leaves a smooth and beautiful coverage.

Note if you are using liquid highlighter and/or contour apply before you apply foundation. Again using the sponge application makes foundation so much easier when you have applied liquid highlight and contour. If you are using a powder highlight and contour or no highlight and contour than use the sponge and dab foundation on skin and continue dabbing until you have covered your facial skin and it is even and smooth.

Remember to set your foundation. I use a loose translucent powder to set my foundation. I have found that if you use a colored powder it takes away from the foundation itself. If your foundation is a bit too light you can use a bronzer to  add a bit more color. If your foundation is a bit too dark you can use a lighter powder, but that doesn’t always help.


Highlight and Contour. First you will want to know what face shape you have.

  1. Oval- Face gracefully tapers toward chin, wider forehead and prominent cheekbones.
  2. Long-Face gracefully tapers toward chin, elongated feature from forehead to chin and some have prominent chin.
  3. Round-Face width and length almost the same and widest at the cheeks.
  4. Square-Forehead, cheekbones and jawline almost the width and square and bony jawline is prominent feature.
  5. Heart-Face strongly taper toward chin, chin tend to be pointy and forehead maybe a prominent feature.
  6. Diamond-Face highly angular and somewhat bony and widest at temples.
  7. Rectangle-The width of your hairline and jawline are about even and your face is longer than it is wide.

What face shape are you?



How to highlight and contour for your face shape. It is important to highlight and contour properly to enhance your facial structure. Contouring will help add depth, slimming qualities and enhance your bone structure,:while Highlighting will add a glow and bringing life to your face.


The dark areas are for contour and light areas for highlight.


After I have applied your highlight and contour I add blush just above the contouring on the cheeks and the apples of the cheeks. To add to the apples of the cheeks the easiest way is by smiling. It is always nice to give yourself a smile because it is an excellent facial exercise and will also give you a boost of confidence 🙂

Next I focus on my eyes. I absolutely love the eyes, there are so many looks you can use to enhance the beauty of your eyes. From a natural look to a bold and colorful eye look. The key is do what you are comfortable with. It is so important for you to apply your makeup in a way that makes you feel comfortable. I like bold and vivid and bright, so that is how i apply my makeup.

I like to use false lashes due to the fact I do not have long lushes lashes. Check out my blog post Lash not the Question for tips on how to apply.

The finished look before I styled my hair and after I styled my hair.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. If you have any questions or have a tip leave a comment. Let’s keep in touch follow me on Instagram.


Mr. Right (Now) Eyeliner *Review of The Balm Cosmetics Mr. Right (Now) Eyeliner

Hello Beauties. I hope you have had a wonderful week. The weather has been warm here in Canada and I have been enjoying time by the pool. Today I am going to review Mr. Write (Now) eyeliner by The Balm Cosmetics. The shade is Jac B Bronzer. I received this product in an Ipsy Glam Bag awhile back. I was not super enthused over it so it went into my beauty vault and I hadn’t thought about it since, until today…..

Since it is not a color I would normally wear on my eyes I had not given it a try. Well today I wanted to try a new look. Into my beauty vault I went and low and behold there was Mr. Write, the wheels started turning and voila an idea emerged.

I try to think outside the box when it comes to makeup. I like to experiment and use products in different ways. Today I did just that. I decided to line my lips with Mr. Write and used Dirty Little Secret highlighter to fill in. It was instant LOVE!

Mr. Write has stay power. I did not have to reapply it through the day. The application is smooth and it doesn’t smudge. I am now seeing Mr. Write in a whole new light!

What does The Balm have to say:

Get ready to meet Mr. Write (Now), a collection of charming eyeliners that are truly easy on the eyes. With high payoff, eight wearable shades and satin smooth texture, we can’t blame you if your eyes wander- but rest assured, your eyeliner wont! These pencils deliver the long-lasting color you’ve been looking for, and have built in sharpeners so they are always ready when you are.

I would say that is a pretty good description and at $17 usd it is worth trying. Here are the other colors offered.

Picture is from The Balm website



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Line with Ease *Review of Vasanti Waterline Eyeliner


Hello Beauties, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. What better way to start the week than with a review of a wonderful product! I received Vasanti Waterline Eyeliner in my Ipsy June GlamBag and I am excited to be able to review this product for you. First let me start by saying not all liners are the same. Over the years I have tried from expensive to very budget friendly. There are good and not so good in both categories. When purchasing an eyeliner I like to go for one that is creamy and glides on smoothly. Recently I have been using liquid liner due to the fact of its application. I have to be careful with pencil type liners because as we mature the skin around our eyes tend to be more sensitive. With that being said let’s get to the review.


What are the things I like about Vasanti Waterline Eyeliner.

  • It goes on creamy
  • It is a matte finish
  • No need for a sharpener just twist
  • Intense color
  • Easy application
  • Safe for sensitive eye areas

When applying the eyeliner it goes on like a dream. I did not have an issue with it smudging. It works wonderfully for thin lines. It is long lasting with out smearing or wearing off.

The only thing is with any pencil eyeliner it doesn’t keep a sharp point so you do have to sharpen especially if you are wanting precision wings. I don’t mind that little detail when it is such a wonderful product to work with.


Here is what Vasanti has to say about thier product:

  • Gives you a defined, natural look that makes lashes appear fuller and longer while brightening your eyes for a youthful but polished gaze
  • Uses a creamy, easy glide formula that offers one-stroke color and a velvety matte finish that lasts all day on the wet rims of your eyes
  • Safe to use on delicate eye areas
  • Paraben free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist tested and approved
  • Made in Germany
  • Never tested on animals

*I love the fact it is tested and approved by Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist, paraben free and never tested on animals.

How do you accomplish a fuller and longer lash look? Make sure your liner has a sharp point, and line the eye with a thin line. This will give your lashes a longer fuller look.

Vasanti has a full line of beauty products. Take some time and check them out. For my Canadian viewers Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall carry Vasanti. You can also check their website out, just click –> Vasanti

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Take a look in the Mirror


Hello Beauties! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week thus far. Today I want to talk to you about discovering your best feature. First I want you to grab a mirror and take a few moments to look at your features. What feature stands out the most to you? Do you have big beautiful eyes, perfect lips, gorgeous high cheekbones, flawless skin? What about your nose? Sometimes we may be surprised when we take a moment and be honest with ourselves. I used to think my best feature was my lips, but I have since discovered my eyes are my best feature. I am continually learning how to enhance my eyes so they are the first thing people notice.

When you discover your best feature you want to highlight that feature so that it stands out and draws attention. This can be accomplished by highlighting and contouring for the lips, nose and cheekbones.

For the eyes; you want to choose colors that enhance the color and make them stand out. You will also want to highlight under the eyes and the top upper corner close to the brow.

Sometimes we get into a routine and we are fearful of changing how we do things. I say it is time to change your outlook and try something new. You might be surprised by the way you feel. The key to beauty is confidence. Grow the confidence you have within yourself. Be confident in the look you are wanting to achieve, when you have confidence your Beauty will shine.

I will be posting highlight and contour tips very soon, so be sure to check back often. I enjoy hearing from you, so if you have a question feel free to leave a comment or email. If there is a tip you would like more information on I will do my best to expand on the topic.

Have a wonderful week. Step out in confidence and walk with your head high because honey you are Beautiful!




Lash not the Question


Do you have beautiful, long, lushes lashes? If you do I am so JEALOUS!!!  I have short eyelashes so I have to cake on mascara to try to add length. I wish I had longer lashes but that is not the case. I decided to give Falsies a try. My first application was disastrous. They were crooked and off centered. I liked the length they gave but they looked a hot mess. I watched some videos and well they were a bit helpful. I decided to take the advice of a few of them and throw in my own tricks. I have to be honest I am hooked! Falsies are now part of my beauty routine.

The need to know about Falsies:

  • You may need to cut to size-cut one 1 lash at a time and alternate sides. Remember you can always take away but you cannot add.
  • Compact mirror – this is a must. Hold the mirror down and look down at the mirror this will help you place the lashes in the proper position.
  • Tweezers help with the application.
  • Glue-apply a thin line on the lash.
  • Apply along the lash line. Get those lashes as close as possible to your natural lash line so they look more natural.
  • I have found if you place your thumb at the corner of your nose you can line the lash up much easier.
  • I have found it useful to use the tip of your eyeshadow brush to push the lashes down for adhesion.


In this picture the top two eye photos are with no lashes and the others are with Ardell Lashes #403

Currently I am using Ardell Lashes. They offer a wide variety of styles at an affordable price. They keep their shape and are light weight. They have a natural hair lash which is No. 160 and is a beautiful lash. I have used No. 150, No. 160 and No. 403. 403 are a bit heavier but if you don’t mind the weight it is a beautiful lash with accented edges.


I hope this has been some help. Feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Just click the link. Have a wonderful Friday!



Beauty Find



I was out and about shopping yesterday and came across L.A. Colors makeup at a discount store. I do enjoy finding a bargain, but normally I would have shied away from purchasing worried that it would not have pigmentation or lasting power.

The colors are vibrant and so I said what the heck. Still skeptical I did a swatch of the colour and to my amazement it is beautiful and the blue and pink are bright and stand out. The green is more subtle than and not as bold as the other two. Needless to say I am pleased with this purchase and I think I will be adding more L.A. Color products to my makeup vault.

FullSizeRender(10) This picture

Today I decided to use the eyeshadow to see how well they stand out on the eyes. I am shocked! The colors are very nice and you do not have to layer the eyeshadow for it to pop. I used the blue on the bottom lid, the pink in the crease and the green in the corners. What do you think about the look? I must say I am impressed with this eyeshadow. L.A. Color eyeshadow in Lotus has been a nice find to add to my eyeshadow collection.


Just in life you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Today I learned that applies to makeup as well. Just because something is less expensive doesn’t mean it is inferior. Well done L.A. Color!

I hope this post has been useful and will inspire you to enjoy color. Have a wonderful day.

Time to Prime


Why a primer should be used: A primer is a preparatory base to give foundation a smoother finish.

First let’s talk about your skin. Would you like your skin to be softer and younger looking would you like your skin to look a bit more flawless? Would you like your liquid foundation to go on more smoothly? If you answered yes to any of these questions than it is time to try a primer.

In the past I didn’t realize the perks to using a primer. Now that I have tried it I am hooked. I love the way it helps with the application of my foundation. I am impressed with the fact it seals the pores. I am pleased that it helps reduce the look of lines and wrinkles.

Facts about Primer:

  • It will help lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles…..count me in!
  • It seals your pores…..if you have small pores count your blessings, if you have larger pores Primer is a must have.
  • It softens your skin…..soft skin is in!
  • It will help give liquid foundation a smoother finish….cakey look is out!
  • It helps your makeup last longer…..I could use a little stay power!
  • It matches any skin type or tone….phew I don’t have to play the guessing game!
  • It reduces redness and doesn’t cause skin irritation….say farewell to itchy reactions!
  • It is easy to apply….not a time consuming process!

There are tons of primers on the market to choose from.  Currently I am using Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I like how it gives my skin a more flawless look. It is light weight and goes on smoothly. It is worth the few seconds it takes to add Primer to your beauty routine.

Look for a primer in your favorite makeup line or try Smashbox.

  • I hope this post was helpful. I hope you have a wonderful evening. Be adventurous and try something new.