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What about a Soak:


I hope you have had a wonderful week. What better way to enjoy the weekend than to take a bit of time to pamper yourself. Take some time to unwind and let the stress of the week disappear. When you unwind so does your skin! What do you do to relax and pamper yourself? Have you tried an essential oil soaking bath? If you haven’t I suggest you try it. Not only will it relax you, but the oils will soften your skin as you soak. There is a variety of oils you can use. Which oil depends on what you want to accomplish. If it is relaxation you seek: Lavender oil would be the one to use. Not only is it calming and sleep inducing it also is beneficial for your hair and skin.

A recipe I like to use is:

2 drops of lavender

2 drops eucalyptus

2 drops grapefruit

The smell is wonderful! You will feel like you are at the Spa.

Do you want a fragrant floral soak? Here is a recipe to try:

1 to 2 drops Geranium

1 drop Orange

1 drop Bergamot

Do you want to be uplifted? This recipe is wonderful to use in the morning.

1 to 2 drops Lemongrass

1 to 2 drops Orange

1 drop Rosemary

I enjoy using essential oils and discovering new scent combinations. They help with so many different areas, from achy muscles to problem skin. Your skin feels soft and silky using oils.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have any questions feel free to email. Have a wonderful weekend and take time to pamper the skin you are in!